Sperm bank race problem?


This woman requested a white baby, she got a black one.

Jennifer Cramblett and her wife, Amanda Zinkon, wanted a white baby. They went to the Midwest Sperm Bank near Chicago and chose blond, blue-eyed donor No. 380, who looked like he could have been related to Zinkon. When Cramblett was five months pregnant, they found out that she had been inseminated by donor No. 330 — a black man.

“The couple did not get what they asked for, which was a particular donor. The company made a mistake, and it should have to pay for that,” says Jessica Barrow, an information technology professional in suburban Detroit


Let’s make this clear, I do believe the sperm bank needs to be accountable because they could have given that child to a very racist family who would of treated that child badly. That’s not acceptable. ┬áTHAT BEING SAID……..



This beautiful Little Gift From Heaven~

She does not deserve to have the media drag her little face through the mud. Being viewed as a “mistake” a “general fuck up” She’s a beautiful little girl. So many women/fathers/couples Pray to have a healthy child and some are not fortunate in receiving that. You’ve got that. True it’s not what you requested but GOD makes no mistake, regardless of whatever belief you’ve got. We all Believe in Someone or Something, They don’t make mistakes. Life put that little girl in your life (both your lives) for a reason.


It’s so sad that everything in life is about race and about negativity. It breaks my heart. Truly does.