Cornel West Has Been Arrested During Protests In Ferguson


West, a well-known and widely respected philosopher, educator, activist and public speaker, has been arrested on the ground in Ferguson while engaging in one of the many protests that go on daily in the embattled region.


What in the world is going on here? It seems like everyone in ferguson is in cuffs except the police officer who shot and killed young mikebrown What is going on? where is really the justice. They killed that other young man just last week again, there’s no reason for this. The people are rising up, marching, speaking, yelling, crying, and are angry because this young man was left in the streets bleeding and dead for four hours while police officers walked around him, not even the compassion to cover him up. Just left him there like an animal, yet people can’t voice their anger over the thought that Officer darren wilson is still not in jail because they haven’t decided to arrest him yet? lay charges on him? this is pathetic. He’s guilty of murder. There’s nothing that can be said, he wasn’t in danger. He killed an innocent young man. He should be locked up, while the system figures out where to put him or what to do with him. If it was a regular civilian, he’d been locked up 10minutes after the shooting.. This is pathetic



Once again a reminder that no one who wants peace and justice in this world is safe. The government does not want peace it wants chaotic scenes


really not acceptable


Trigger happy and racist cops

I can’t understand why Society is accepting this. It’s probably funny for idiots right now because they are only shooting down “blacks/mixed” people but what we gonna really do when their “practice” turns into reality and we all begin getting shot? when the government have more power over our children’s lives than we do as parents?

We really have to think about something. We don’t have enough money to feed our children properly or wash them, dress them properly” the government has a legal right to step in and take them away from us” This is because we’re neglecting them and it’s not good for the child. Turn around and you can shoot a child because he/she “appears” to be doing wrong? what is going on with the world today? This is NOT okay. It’s not legal and it’s against human rights. This is AGAINST every single LAW of LIFE so why is the government letting this happen? Because we’re letting them. We’re being scared into behaving.

Why are we being made afraid of living to protect and speak against injustices? Why do we not speak? We are quicker as society to “snitch on our neighbor doing (wrong) than we are to snitch on the law doing corruption on humanity” -cynthia Roussel sixforhumanity