Ebolas nickname is pleasefixmequick


Thomas Eric Duncan   “The face of Ebola in America”

The man who is from Libra is dead after less than two weeks entering the usa (more specifically Texas) with Ebola. There are so many stories,opinions and views about this. It’s sad really because even if to most people he’s known as the jackass that brought ebola to America, he has a family and he has people that Love him.

My whole thing is this

* Maybe he did not know he had it and he just wanted visit his family in america, maybe he didn’t know he had it but feared telling people where he was coming from in fears that they would not let him come in to see his family. They didn’t ask, He didn’t tell. (That’ their job)

*Maybe he knew he had it maybe he knew he was going to die and he wanted to see his family and he panicked. Like any other human being he did not want to die alone.

*Maybe he was a sick Jackass who knew he had it and quite frankly did not care and just came to America anyway. We’ve seen people with AIDS an HIV who go around sleeping with people left and right giving it to people willingly. We’ve seen white people do this as black people also.

*maybe he knew he had it and thought America would heal him or save him or try to give him the “experimental drug” they call. Let’s face it when America has a tendency to find cures quickly when their own government officials are at possible risk

That being said people can say what they want to say at the end of the day, He did not owe any of us anything. He was a man who was living his life. It’s the airport screeners, the hospitals that failed us. He was not properly questioned nor tested. He was asked if he had drugs or alcohol . you know the things that can get a worker in trouble quickly, the hell with what affects the population of the united states. He told them he had traveled no specifics (he had no symptoms though at that point)

But Gawdamn, You have his Passport and his ID you see where he is from. You see where he’s been it’s stamped in the passport. It is your job to ask the questions.

Everyone wants to blame him the very first time he went to the hospital sick they knew he wasn’t well and they should of asked him of his travels.

Oh WAIT!!! They DID ask him but somehow there was misunderstandings on the inside and communication didn’t go well. Something went wrong, it was a mistake they said. REALLY?

So they send his ass home with a prescription (of course they make money that way)

It was HIS family members that contacted the CDC to inform them he was “Very Ill” and that the hospital would not keep him after telling them he had been to Libraria a place known for the Ebola outbreaks and illnesses. So regardless of the few different scenarios i mentioned earlier above. It was the workers who failed at their jobs.

“They Fucked Up”

What they are basicly saying is that they don’t ask any questions at all about anything and let’s say this was a serial killer well we would should expect the suspect to call us and tell us what he’s done and where the bodies are. No!! Its very lazy work and bad ethnics from all these places and people who were directly involved in the situation.

I hope this man can Rest in Peace

I do still want to know a few things really?

1) Did they even attempt to give him the experimental drug they speak about for Ebola?

2)What test did they run on him exactly?

3)If he was not given the vaccine or trial drug, Why Not?

4) Was it because he was Black or because he was not an American?

We do have a right to know, after all it’s our health.