What is really going on? stop starting wars

ger_foc_1-dc718As Canadians and Americans we are the two most seeked out Countries from the rest of the world as “Land of peace”.. Sure There are “no wars here” There is only dictators here. Where my money is only good if it’s bringing extensive money to yours. Where I am only allowed to hold the hand of someone of the same sexe if it’s to gain a dollar from a movie or a music video of two women on top of each-other like porn stars but good enough for tv. You’ve turned sexuality and love into a money game to get your profit. You refuse natural medicines as “marijuana/cannabis” and you laugh in the face of humanitarian groups, hippies light-workers and healers.

Because if everyone was healing you would not big money with the pharmaceutical companies that is getting us sicker every time they cure us from something else. Simply to cash a check in their accounts we are losings loved ones. We also like to show case black men as thugs and gangstas. Sometimes we shoot them over skittles or a thought that something may happen. But we allow free pedophiles and cop killers on our streets for our children without blinking or even thinking of shooting one of them down. We have people starving and barely dressed here but we try to pretend we’re great people by sending millions even billions to other countries when we cannot even fund everything we need for ourselves.
So at the end of the day please don’t stand there on television in your fancy suits and tell us that we shouldn’t be sitting around on our neighborhood streets smoking weed and wearing jeans and tshirts looking like we don’t trust no body because THAT IS THE ONLY OPTION given to most of our youth these days. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

We have no right to invade other countries and tell them how to run their laws because quite frankly, we’ve got it all wrong over here. Fix the problems at home before all. Your own people Going to war fighting for these countries who are fighting now and in the past, suffering during their old retirement ages without proper homes and food. This is what you believe is right? There are TWO specific groups of people who need all of our love and support in this world and this is THE ELDERS & OUR CHILDREN.
It’s time to take the stick out of your asses and begin fixing things. Your focused on the wrong things. You encourage and support destruction of a nation while banning anything that can make our countries a better place. as long as you make a dollar, it doesn’t matter how much pain makes us holler.